ALERT: Break-ins, Brazen Thefts, Criminals

I Don’t Spend My Time Behind a Desk

I recently had the honor and rare opportunity to spend a day riding along with a Phoenix Police officer.

It was an eye-opener. My email today deals with crime.

At the end of our day, I asked my police partner how long it would take for our community to crumble if police were NOT on the streets.

As he thought, I answered my own question based upon my experience that day: THREE DAYS!

DAY ONE: sleep off the fentanyl;

DAY TWO: figure out that the cops aren’t around;

DAY THREE: free for all! and we would be San Francisco.

Break-ins, brazen thefts and criminals terrorizing vulnerable people. I like to think I am pretty aware of conditions in our society, but until I spent a shift on the streets, I didn’t realize how thin the thin blue line really is. As Governor, I will make the Thin Blue Line impenetrable!

The Phoenix Police Department: An Unnecessary Travesty

When you have theft in Los Angeles, the only reason you call the police is so that you can file a report and make an insurance claim. That’s where Phoenix is headed. In order to keep enough cops on patrol, the Phoenix Police Department is decimating the parts of the department that deal with property crime investigation. Once criminals realize there is no risk of being caught, property crime will skyrocket, just like in LA and San Francisco. Out-of-control crime is what makes cities unlivable and I will not stand for it, not in Phoenix or anywhere in our state.

The Bottom Line

We cannot survive as a society without rule of law. We are not investing enough in law enforcement and we are not pushing back hard enough against the Left’s demonization of police. Here is my message to every city council and county board of supervisors who are starving law enforcement in our state:

I will invest and I will push back.

It’s going to take a strong, experienced leader to Back the Blue.

I am and I will.

God Bless The Brave Men and Women in Blue,

Steve Gaynor