BREAKING: GOP AZ Gov candidate Gaynor releases new ad – The Fixer

Businessman, 40-year AZ resident is only Gov candidate with experience to get Arizona on track

Phoenix, AZ – GOP candidate for Arizona Governor Steve Gaynor today released a new advertisement highlighting his unique qualifications for the job.

The spot, titled The Fixer, introduces voters to Gaynor’s track record of successfully fixing broken companies. Gaynor has reversed the fortunes of a number of failing businesses during his 40 years building companies in Arizona and across the southwest.

During his business career, Gaynor has created hundreds of good-paying jobs.

“Steve is the only candidate in the race with a proven track record of turning around businesses,” Gaynor for Governor campaign manager Ed Morabito said. “He’s also the only candidate in this race who has demonstrated the ability to fix Arizona’s problems and get this state back on track. He’s a successful, steadfast conservative winner, and we’re going to make sure Arizona Republicans are well aware of that fact.”

In the ad, Gaynor says:

“I’m Steve Gaynor, Republican candidate for Governor.

As a businessman, I specialized in fixing broken companies – solving their problems and making them successful.

As governor, I’ll work to solve Arizona’s problems.

To learn more, go to gaynorforgovernor.com.”