Conservative Businessman Steve Gaynor Launches Campaign for Governor of Arizona

Gaynor describes importance of electing an outsider to solve Arizona’s problems

Phoenix, Arizona – Steve Gaynor today launched his campaign for governor of Arizona. In a letter to leaders of the Arizona Republican Party, Gaynor described the problems that establishment politicians have created, and why it is critical the next governor be a political outsider.

“We all know the problems we face — they include securing our border, election integrity, our growing water shortage, public education, critical race theory, all intensified by a virus from China,” Gaynor stated. “Career politicians and political insiders have gotten us into this, but they can’t get us out. Sound bites and slick answers telling us what we want to hear just to win elections just won’t cut it anymore.”

A successful businessman, Gaynor has lived in Arizona for over forty years where he has raised three children with his wife Dorothy. He has done business in California many of those years, and sees the danger in Democrats attempting to turn Arizona blue.

Concerned about election integrity, Gaynor won the Republican nomination for Secretary of State in 2018. He founded the redistricting organization Fair Maps Arizona in 2019 to ensure congressional and state legislative maps are drawn that are fair to all Arizonans. He will continue to lead the organization until final maps are released in 2022.

“As your Governor, I will bring my outsider perspective, my business experience and my conservative principles to attack these problems. The Arizona Swamp can’t stop me because my only allegiance is to the people,” Gaynor stated. Read the full letter here.

For more information, contact press@gaynorforgovernor.com, or visit gaynorforgovernor.com.