Gaynor Calls For Executive Order To Protect School Choice In Wake Of Local Mask Mandates

Order would provide immediate executive action that would notify parents of their rights and options and provide ability to change schools

Phoenix, Arizona – Republican candidate for Governor Steve Gaynor released a statement on local school mask mandates today.

“Some Arizona school districts are enforcing mask and vaccine policies that are in direct conflict with Arizona law. We don’t need a special session of the Arizona legislature, as some have suggested, to solve this problem. We need executive action that will give families the freedom to choose a school that is aligned with their values and preferences regarding masks and vaccines. I therefore call on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to issue an Executive Order to: Provide Empowerment Scholarship Accounts to parents of students in school districts that enforce mask and vaccine policies in conflict with state law and who want their children to attend a different school. Provide information to parents with school age children, notifying them of their rights and their options for public, charter and private school choices in their area. A pandemic is not the time or a reason to deprive parents of freedom of choice; protecting freedom of choice is more important now than ever. The Executive Order I have recommended will accomplish this purpose.”

For more information, contact press@gaynorforgovernor.com, or visit gaynorforgovernor.com.