Gaynor urges: Break up Maricopa County!

PHOENIX – Steve Gaynor, Republican businessman and candidate for Arizona governor, today went to the Capitol to throw his support behind a bill that would break up Maricopa County into 4 smaller counties.
Gaynor argued that Maricopa County is headed in the direction of terribly-governed liberal megacounties like Los Angeles and Cook. He noted that political representation for county residents would be stronger under the new legislation.

In his testimony, Gaynor said: “The two largest counties by population in the country, Los Angeles and Cook, are examples of what Maricopa will likely become if action is not taken. Their governments are wasteful and unresponsive to citizen needs, and they are unpleasant places to live.”

Gaynor’s remarks to the Legislature’s House Government and Elections Committee came in support of HB 2787, introduced by Rep. Jake Hoffman.

Gaynor has spent years fighting for better political representation and fairer Arizona elections. Most recently, he has taken Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to task for her failure to prevent the collapse of Arizona’s electronic ballot qualification system.