Executive experience separates Gaynor from the pack

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SCOTTSDALE – Steve Gaynor, Republican businessman and candidate for Arizona governor, won the day today at the Center for Arizona Policy Action’s gubernatorial primary debate.

In a debate that often dissolved into personal attacks among three of the candidates, Gaynor emphasized his unique background as a job-creating, company-saving businessman. No other candidate in the GOP primary race has a similar background, a fact that was abundantly clear onstage today.

Gaynor made it clear that his unique background makes him the best GOP primary candidate to attack and solve Arizona’s most pressing problems, including securing our border, stopping Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies, fighting the teacher unions, stopping liberal COVID mandates, and putting parents in charge of their children’s’ education.

On the border: “Joe Biden should be impeached and convicted for what’s happening at the border.”
On vaccine mandates: “I believe that it should be the choice of the individual whether or not to the take the vaccine. The government should not force us, the employer should not force us, we should not be forced.”
On executive experience: “What I bring to the job is a track record of achievement, of taking on difficult problems, finding creative solutions, and making them work. That’s what I’m going to do for the state of Arizona.”
On crime: “I will invest in law enforcement. I will support the police and we will lower our rate of violent crime to where it should be.”
On parents’ rights: “It takes a family, not a village. The parents should be in control of their child’s destiny and that should be clear in the law.”
On the second amendment: “I believe I’ve put more lead downrange than all the people on this stage combined…gun rights are sacrosanct and I won’t stand for any intrusion on them.”
The event was held by the Center for Arizona Policy Action, which educates Arizona citizens on public policy issues pertaining to sanctity of life, marriage, family, and religious freedom, and encourages civic engagement.

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