We all know the problems we face

Securing our border, election integrity, supporting law enforcement, our growing water shortage, transportation, educating rather than indoctrinating our children, constant attacks against our freedom and liberties — all intensified by a virus from China.

Career politicians and political insiders have gotten us into this mess, but they cannot get us out. And sound bites and slick answers telling us what we want to hear just to win elections just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, get to work, fight for the rule of law, and ensure that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities and freedoms that so many Patriots have given their lives to protect. 

Honest Elections

It’s time for the Legislature to ensure every Arizona citizen has confidence in the integrity of our elections. 

We need to return to voting by precincts.  Ballots should be printed on fraud-proof security paper just like our money.  The voter rolls should be scrubbed before each election.  You can’t do much of anything in our country without showing proper I.D.: that must be required for voting.  If the legislature continues our practice of mail-in ballots, they must pass a law requiring an identifying government-issued number on the return envelope to confirm the voter’s identity. Signatures are not enough.

Action Plan:

  • Scrub the voter rolls every two years
  • Print ballots on fraud-proof paper
  • Vote by precinct
  • Require government ID for all forms of voting
  • If machines are used for counting, use dumb machines not connected to the Internet
  • Finish the count within 24 hours after the polls close
  • No results are reported until the final count is announced
  • Audit election procedures every 4 years

Border Crisis

The border crisis continues to escalate.  

Illegal immigrants; fentanyl; national security risks — it’s going from bad to worse.  

The Biden Administration has created a dangerous and inhumane crisis by opening our border with Mexico and sending the message that anyone can enter our country. Innocent people are at the mercy of cartels that reap enormous profits through drug smuggling and human trafficking. There is no part of Arizona that isn’t affected by a startling increase in crime and drug overdoses due to our open border.

I will take swift and direct action to protect Arizona citizens by increasing the presence of the Arizona National Guard at the border, strengthen the border Sheriff departments and the Department of Public Safety to stop the cartels from trafficking drugs and people across our border.

No Vaccine Mandates

Medical freedom is not negotiable. Vaccine mandates violate the freedom of the individual and are NOT the answer.

Statistics show that COVID vaccines reduce the severity of the disease, but forcing people to take the vaccine is the wrong approach.  Our society has already suffered massive disruption and division because of the virus.  It is counterproductive to threaten the employment of thousands of healthcare workers, law enforcement personnel, and employees across our country to try to force them to accept the vaccine.

Back the Blue

It’s time for us to have their backs. I support and honor the men and women protecting our families and communities. 

I recognize efforts to defund and delegitimize police for what they are: thinly veiled attempts to destabilize our society.  Presented as a way to “decrease oppression,” they are in fact the opposite: a way to decrease freedom and intimidate the majority of citizens who are law-abiding, especially those who live in poor neighborhoods.  These efforts have no place in our country and no place in Arizona.

The Arizona Audit

Audits are a widely accepted and commonplace tool; people who resist audits often have something to hide.

Given the widespread distrust of the results of the 2020 election, I think it was appropriate and necessary to conduct an audit of the election.  Audits are conducted in all areas of public life including public companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and among taxpayers.  They are a widely recognized way to establish the veracity and integrity of all kinds of activities, including elections.

Reduce Crime

It’s time to take a fresh look at our strategies to deal with crime.

Since 2019, crime in Arizona is up substantially and is above the national average despite the fact that our incarceration rate is among the highest in the nation.  What we are doing is not working.  My goal is to reduce violent crime in Arizona to levels below the national average.  In my first month in office, I will convene a commission consisting of law enforcement and correction professionals, elected officials, and citizens to rethink our approach to crime and punishment.  We can and we must do better.

Balance Growth

We must balance economic growth with quality of life. 

Arizona is on the cusp of explosive growth.  If we don’t plan for and make the needed investments in our urban areas, we will fail to capitalize on the opportunity we have to increase prosperity while maintaining our high quality of life.  If we fail, we will end up living in a California-style concrete jungle with sky-high housing costs and gridlock on our freeways.  In our rural areas, we need to make smart investments in high-tech infrastructure so rural residents can participate in the economy of the future.

Long-term water solutions

You can’t live in the desert without long-term, sustainable water sources. 

My goal is for Arizona’s economy to be sustainable indefinitely.  We therefore need long-term, sustainable sources of water.  Democrats are trying to spend 4.5 trillion dollars on infrastructure, but they have not addressed the critical need for water in the whole western U.S.  The federal government should build or finance desalination plants up and down the West Coast to relieve the pressure on the Colorado River.  Once those plants start producing, California could cede some of its Colorado River allocation to inland states like Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah.  Arizona should close the deal on a desalination joint venture with Mexico and invest more heavily in water conservation and recycling.

Fixing Our Schools

Education, not indoctrination.

Critical Race Theory and similar political indoctrination have no place in our schools. The focus in our schools needs to be on performance and honoring parental rights. Arizona is 38th in educational attainment. About half of our third graders can’t read at grade level. Many leave high school with poor language and math skills, lacking what they need to succeed.

The best answer to these problems is for every parent to have a choice about where their children attend school and to have the information they need to make good choices.  I will focus intense effort on turning this situation around.

Governing as a Conservative

An unwavering and deep commitment to conservative principles and American values – In office, NOT just on the campaign trail.

I will respect and defend the Constitution of our Republic and our State.

The trend in our country is for the executive branch to exceed its authority and usurp the power of the legislature.  Often, the legislature voluntarily cedes its power to the executive to avoid responsibility.  I will work with the legislature, but not step beyond the constitutional boundaries of the office.  I will stand up to the overreach of the federal government to protect the sovereign status of our State.


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