Law Enforcement Officers are Overworked, Underfunded and Exploited

The WAR On Law Enforcement Is Real

I recently had the honor and rare opportunity to spend a full shift riding along with a Phoenix Police officer. It was an eye-opener in all respects and I have much to report over the coming days. The best way to support Arizona law enforcement is to let them know we stand shoulder to shoulder with them and honor their profession.

Every elected official influencing public policy relating to law enforcement should be required to spend time accompanying an Arizona law enforcement officer on a full shift.

As Governor, I will spend a full shift with an Arizona law enforcement officer at least once a year.

We cannot survive as a society without rule of law. We need to fully support the men and women behind the badge protecting the good people of our beautiful state. We have a statewide crisis that is not limited to Phoenix. It’s going to take a strong, experienced leader as Governor to Back the Blue.

What is Backdoor Defunding?

LIBERAL city councils and LIBERAL mayors are making decisions that DEFUND the police. While they won’t come out publicly and say they want to DEFUND our police, they are committed to what is called “backdoor defunding”. They simply continue to limit resources, withhold pay incentives, and fail to fund recruiting efforts. The result is law enforcement being handcuffed as they attempt to do their job.

The Bottom Line We need concerned citizens to Stand Up and Get Loud.

Contact your city council member today and tell them to BACK THE BLUE!

God Bless The Brave Men and Women in Blue,

Steve Gaynor