Steve Gaynor: “Protect Women’s Sports”

PHOENIX – Steve Gaynor, Republican businessman and candidate for Arizona Governor, today forcefully expressed his support for legislation ensuring that transgender women can’t use their physical advantage in athletic competition against women.

“Transgender women should not be competing in women’s sports and when I’m governor, Arizona will protect women’s sports. The foundation of competition in sports is fairness. Athletes should compete on a level playing field. Handicaps in golf, weight classes in wrestling and even the NCAA division system are examples of the ways we establish fairness in sports. The NCAA policy on transgender women is a complete failure and makes a mockery of the purpose and effect of Title IX on women’s sports. It is not transphobic or discriminatory to acknowledge that people born male have a physical advantage over people born female; it is common sense. This issue is an example of how the woke left denies reality in order to achieve inappropriate goals. It is time for this to stop.”


The Arizona Legislature is considering legislation this session that would prevent transgender women from competing against biological females in sporting events. The issue has garnered more attention in recent days, with many elite female athletes publicly expressing their opposition to transgender women competing against women in sports.

From the Washington Post:

“Tennis icons Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert have publicly said (biological male competing in women’s swimming) Lia Thomas has no business competing in women’s swimming, as has Olympian Erika Brown, who said last month it’s “time to start standing up for women’s sports.”