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It's time to drain the Arizona swamp

We all know the problems we face — securing our border, election integrity, supporting law enforcement, our growing water shortage, public education, critical race theory — all intensified by a virus from China.

Career politicians and political insiders have gotten us into this, but they cannot get us out. Sound bites and slick answers telling us what we want to hear just to win elections just won’t cut it anymore.

As your Governor, I will bring my outsider perspective, my business experience and my conservative principles to attack these problems. The Arizona Swamp cannot stop me. My only allegiance is to the people of Arizona





Meet Steve Gaynor

Steve Gaynor isn’t a politician and that’s why he knows how to get things done. He’s an outsider, entrepreneur and successful businessman who shares our concerns that America and Arizona are both at critical crossroads facing enormous challenges. Not satisfied with sitting back and watching politicians continue to fail to provide the strength of character and leadership we need, Steve wants to work to make Arizona a national leader and example, and a place where God, Country, Family and Freedom come first.

In 2021, Steve declared his candidacy for Governor of Arizona – once again challenging establishment Republican candidates. His campaign is focused on grassroots participation, and on solving tough issues that the Arizona politicians have failed to address. A lifelong member of the NRA, Steve is a strong conservative who believes in opportunity, freedom and our constitutional republic. In his free time, Steve enjoys working on cars with his two sons, debating legal issues with his daughter, and traveling with his wife Dorothy. Steve also has a bit of a green thumb and grows some of the best peaches and figs you’ve ever tasted in his backyard orchard.

Steve Gaynor is Day-One Ready to provide the vision and executive leadership to get the job done.

Election Integrity

In an effort to increase voter participation, Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has destroyed voter confidence in our elections.

We need to return to voting by precincts, insist upon same-day counting and results, and maintain clean voter rolls. We must demand secure voter identification, fraud-proof paper ballots, and so-called “dumb” counting machines that aren’t connected to the internet.

Given the widespread distrust of the results of the 2020 election, it was appropriate and necessary to conduct an audit of the election. Audits are a widely recognized way to establish the veracity and integrity of all kinds of activities, including elections. Election audits should be routine, and statewide.

Border Security

The Biden Administration has created a dangerous and inhumane crisis at our border with Mexico. Our borders have been left wide open. Innocent people are increasingly at the mercy of cartels who reap enormous profits through drug smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution and violent crime.

If the federal government can’t ensure the security of our southern border, then Arizona must make every effort to finish the border wall and protect our citizens and their communities. We have the means to increase funding, resources and provide better coordination for Arizona law enforcement as they fight the increase in crime due to cartel activity.

Immediately upon taking office, I would call a meeting of key department officials, and statewide and local elected officials to launch a full-scale, state-coordinated effort to provide actionable policies to better protect our communities and provide them the resources to protect our citizens.

Law Enforcement

I recognize efforts to defund and delegitimize police for what they are: an attempt to destabilize our society and take power by illegitimate means. Presented as ways to “decrease oppression” they are in fact the opposite; a way to decrease freedom and intimidate law-abiding citizens. These efforts have no place in our country and certainly have no place in Arizona.

I strongly oppose any effort to defund and delegitimize law enforcement. I will work closely with communities at every level to strengthen and improve our whole law enforcement system, including social engagement, recruiting, compensation, delivery systems and funding.

I will also work to improve community engagement with law enforcement and lead an effort to familiarize and promote the honorable career of law enforcement in our classrooms. My belief is that when law enforcement wins, Arizona wins.

Gun Rights

As a lifelong member of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, and a former federally licensed firearms dealer, I understand the Second Amendment as an individual right to own firearms.

As Governor, I will defend Arizona’s Second Amendment Sanctuary law and ensure its enforcement.

I oppose any attempt at “Red Flag” laws because their enforcement violates the Second and Fourth Amendments.