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Joe Biden and the Democrats: Tyranny and Failure

In just a short period of time, our nation has changed in ways we never thought possible.  Joe Biden and the Democrats have created chaos all across our country.

Steve Gaynor: Freedom and Success

When we choose our next Governor, we need to take stock of who is running and their qualifications to do the job.  We don’t want a career politician, a lobbyist for a progressive institution, a big money developer or someone who has read a teleprompter for 25 years.

We need a Governor who has the experience and qualifications to do the job, to lead Arizona to greatness, to protect the rule of law and to fight for the U.S. Constitution.

Steve Gaynor is the only candidate for Governor who has the executive leadership experience necessary to lead our state.  Steve says: “most politicians are all talk.  In business, talk is worthless unless it is backed up by performance.”  He will bring that attitude and his business skills to solving Arizona’s problems.


Steve was born in New York; Dorothy grew up in Tucson. They met at Harvard Business School.  After graduation, Dorothy convinced Steve to move with her back to Arizona.  Together they built a wonderful life here, raising three children who all graduated from Arizona State University.  Over the years they built several successful businesses, including a small commercial printing business which grew into one of the leading printers in the Southwest, creating hundreds of jobs in the process.

In 2018, Steve became the Republican nominee for Arizona Secretary of State.  His focus was election integrity – a subject which has since emerged as key issue in our state and our nation.  In 2019, Steve again demonstrated his political foresight by founding Fair Maps Arizona, a non-profit organization focused on redistricting. Just as he has done in business, when he sees a problem in politics, he doesn’t just talk about it, he takes decisive action and gets to work solving the problem.

Steve is running for Governor to solve the tough issues facing Arizona and to fight back against the overreach of the Biden Administration.  He believes that we need to protect the rule of law and adhere to the Constitution, the bedrock of our society and our way of life.  He is a life member of the National Rifle Association and the Arizona Citizens Defense League.  He loves Arizona and wants to preserve the freedom and quality of life that is Arizona’s birthright.

Steve Gaynor is Day One Ready to provide the vision and executive leadership to get the job done.

  • Secure Our Elections

  • Back The Blue

  • Fix Our Schools
  • Solve the Border Crisis
  • No Vaccine Mandates
  • Conservative Principles

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