Gaynor Sends Border Account To Every Member Of Congress

Invites members to Arizona-Mexico border

“We are under assault, Joe Biden is responsible, and it must stop now.”

PHOENIX – Arizona gubernatorial candidate Steve Gaynor today sent a firsthand account of his recent fact-finding mission to the American border to every member of the U.S. House and Senate.

Given the facts Gaynor uncovered at the border, he also called for Joe Biden’s impeachment on the basis of his failure to protect the country.

In the letter, Gaynor says ”I believe if the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate truly understood what is going on at our border, Joe Biden would be impeached and convicted for dereliction of duty by a majority of members of both parties.”

Gaynor also invited members to the border.

A recent Reuters report outlined shocking statistics that demonstrate the unprecedented scope of the crisis: “U.S. border officials are preparing for as many as 9,000 border arrests per day by the spring, according to two Department of Homeland Security officials, which would be significantly larger than last year’s peak…”


Text of Gaynor’s letter below:

Dear Member of Congress:

More than 130,000 people illegally crossed the U.S. border into Arizona in the fourth quarter of 2021, not including people who never encountered law enforcement. Arizona communities are being ravaged by crime and unprecedented quantities of fentanyl being carried across the border. These people are not tested for COVID-19, they are not vetted for prior crimes, and they are not all coming here just to pursue the American Dream. Many are either forced into prostitution or carry drugs into our communities. Our children are in danger and our law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed.

As an example of the unprecedented scope of this crisis, Reuters recently reported that “U.S. border officials are preparing for as many as 9,000 border arrests per day by the spring, according to two Department of Homeland Security officials, which would be significantly larger than last year’s peak.”

Let’s go beyond the numbers – here’s what I observed first hand:

The Spanish-speaking migrants I encountered were mostly from Venezuela, Cuba, and Central America. They were not asylum-seekers in the sense that they were fleeing violence or persecution. They freely admitted that they were seeking economic advancement for themselves and their families. Many were well dressed, well-mannered, and well-fed. While they were waiting for the Border Patrol to pick them up, they were carefree, as if they were on vacation waiting for an Uber to come to take them to their hotel.

The day I visited, there were also two sizable groups of military-aged men who, judging by their appearance and accents, hailed from the Middle East and South Asia. Unlike the Spanish-speaking migrants, these people were decidedly unfriendly. After seeing these people and reading accounts of similar encounters, there is no question in my mind that people who mean to do us harm are infiltrating our country through our open southern border.

The Biden administration cannot be properly vetting these people before they are flown in the dead of night to cities across our country. I know, because I found many passports and other identifying documents discarded behind the border wall.

On the day President Biden took office, he sent an engraved invitation to the cartels when he renounced the Trump administration’s border policies. The cartels responded by pouring drugs and people across our border. The numbers tell the story of President Biden’s failure: nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants were arrested attempting to cross the border in December – the highest December total in history. That’s a 142 percent increase over last December. This isn’t happening by accident – according to one left-wing group, Biden has taken 94 executive actions on immigration and has unilaterally ended President Trump’s most successful border policies.

Recent meetings between Border Patrol agents and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas revealed that the administration knows exactly what is happening here. Therefore, it is clear that the violation of our southern border is intentional. President Biden’s border policies are actively, intentionally and knowingly undermining the safety and security of the American people.

The number of people forecast to cross Arizona’s border in 2022 exceeds 10% of our state’s 7.2 million population. This cartel-directed invasion is not only a heavy burden on the citizens of our state, it is a clear and present danger to our national security. The executive branch of our government is aiding and abetting this invasion.

It is the duty and responsibility of Congress to oversee the executive branch. If you do not believe you have enough of the facts about this situation to take action, this is my personal invitation to come visit the Arizona-Mexico border. I will arrange for local law enforcement professionals to accompany us on a tour of our border so you can see the facts on the ground for yourself.

I believe if all the members of Congress truly understood what is happening here, a majority of the members of both parties would impeach and convict President Biden for dereliction of duty. This is not a partisan attack on the President; it is a demand that Congress do its Constitutional duty in the face of a President who refuses to do his. We are under assault, Joe Biden is responsible and it must stop now. I call upon you, as a member of Congress and a patriotic American, to do what is right and take action to protect our country.

Steve Gaynor