Gaynor Statement on Trump Endorsement of Lake Campaign

Phoenix, Arizona – Republican candidate for Governor Steve Gaynor today issued a statement about President Trump’s endorsement in the Arizona gubernatorial race:

“President Trump has been poorly advised. He doesn’t know what Arizona knows about Kari Lake. She’s a RINO who has donated more money and supported more Democrats than Republicans. She has no business running as a Republican for Governor.

“Trump supporters in Arizona know better. We welcome their support and look forward to President Trump’s support in the General Election.

“Lake has exactly zero executive experience, zero business experience, and zero leadership experience. She has been a newsreader –a part of the liberal media establishment – her entire life. If Trump knew what we knew, he wouldn’t be supporting her, he’d be exposing her.

“Katie Hobbs is even happier than Kari Lake today, hoping that this endorsement will provide her a highly flawed general election opponent. But the truth will out, and with all respect due to President Trump, Republican primary voters will not follow his lead this time.”

For more information, contact press@gaynorforgovernor.com, or visit gaynorforgovernor.com.