Gaynor Suspends His Campaign for Governor

PHOENIX — Steve Gaynor made the following statement today regarding his campaign for Governor:

“I entered the race for Arizona Governor because I am angry about what I see happening in our country and our state. I knew I could lead the way to solving many of our problems. After months on the campaign trail, and with due respect to my competitors, I remain convinced that my business skills and leadership style make me the best choice for Governor.

This week I received survey results that showed I would have a high probability of winning against each of the other candidates in a head to head matchup. In a three way race, I would have a reasonable probability of winning. However, in a four way race, my chance of winning is low enough to be unrealistic. Kari Lake and Karrin Robson are not exiting the race and Matt Salmon assures me that he is not either. I am nothing if not a rational decision-maker, and I therefore have decided to suspend my campaign for Governor.

I am grateful to those who have encouraged and supported me in this effort, especially my wife and my three children. I thank my volunteers and my staff, whose energy and enthusiasm have powered my campaign. I will support the Republican nominee for Governor and look forward with hope and optimism for Arizona‚Äôs future.”


For more information contact press@gaynorforgovernor.com or visit gaynorforgovernor.com.